Updated 9:48PM 1/25/2009

I forgot my password and/or username! How do I login?

You can either send an e-mail to us at support@lincolnhigh.net or leave a note in Ms. Ziegler's mailbox requesting your account to be reset. We will send you back your account information as soon as we can.

What is my username?

Your username is usually your first name's initial plus the last name (e.g. Ms. Valerie Ziegler is vziegler.) In some cases, it may be different. You can always check your username by simply going directly to your page.

How can I go directly to my page?

Look for your name on http://www.lincolnhigh.net/faculty/.

What is a session? It keeps logging me off!

A session is the period you are logged into our site, and will remain active until you log off or close your browser window. For security reasons, after your session expires, you will need to log in again.

How come my photo and description is never featured randomly?

You must have uploaded a photo and also have a description about yourself in order for the website to randomly pick you.

I am having trouble with this website.

E-mail support@lincolnhigh.net or leave a note in Ms. Ziegler's mailbox.